Noble - "Onno"

Noble was the first horse in the team, his pedigree name "Onno" is how we came up with our troupe name "Les Amis d'Onno”. Trained since he was three years old by Susan Zacharias Noble can turn his hoof to just about any trick, be it trick riding, jousting, driving or performing at liberty. He is still working in the live entertainment  shows, although he has slowed down a little in his later years, thankfully because he was a speedy young thing!



Alfonzo - "Alfie"


Alfonzo the Andalusian gelding was a rescue horse from Spain. Alfie was re-homed with the Les Amis team whilst in France back in 2008 as a headstrong fiery lad with plenty of "issues". Trained by Jacob Martin Alfie is now one of the best jousting horses and performs in many shows. His favourite trick is to rear up on command!




 Princesse our youngest Friesian mare joined the troupe at just a few days old when she was swapped for wedding dress hand made by team member Sue Zacharias! She is the daughter of the beautiful Whitney. Princesse was the baby of the troupe for a long time but now she is heading towards being the herd lead mare. She has become one of our best trick riding & jousting horses, but she will never grow out of loving her first trick; standing on a pedestal.




Pluto the Andalucian Gelding was truly destined to be a star!

Ridden & trained by Bethany Martin, Pluto is our top liberty horse. There are many tricks up Pluto’s sleeve from rearing & Pass Espanol to side saddle & working with fire! Pluto performs in main arenas, walled gardens or even on a small stage in a theatre! Where ever he may be the audience always love to watch him prance & toss his mane!





Onion our cheeky Norwegian Fjord horse has been with the troupe since he was three years old & we are pretty sure he thinks he is a Friesian! Born in France, Onion has learnt many tricks in his years from lying down & jousting with Jacob to liberty & mounted archery with Bethany. No one can resist his adorable fluffy mane and cheeky character!





Riah, an Andalucian mare, ran away to join the team with Sophie Robson in 2012 and they have never looked back, Riah started out with liberty & fire work but once backed took to jousting like a pro! With her gentle nature and steady disposition everyone relies on Riah to do a good show.





Merlin - Martello -"Merlie"


Jacob’s newest team member, Andalusian Merlie and his nearly identical brother Louie are Guapa’s sons. This beautiful boy is starting with the basics of trick riding, jousting & tricks training.



Menka - "Marilyn"


Marilyn is Princesse’s sister, another of Whitney's beautiful daughters, and has also been with the troupe for most of her life. Marilyn is an equestrian theatre superstar! She mainly works at liberty and has a huge repertoire of tricks from bowing to standing on a pedestal to rearing on command.



Lustique - "Louie"


 Louie, brother to Merlie & son of Guapa, is one of our equestrian theatre debutantes. Louie can be almost horizontal in his approach to performing and, yes, his favourite trick is lying down! Louie is proving to be a fast learner & has taken to jousting & trick riding like there’s no tomorrow.





 Guapa, mother to both Merlie & Louie, is the newest addition to Bethany’s team Andalucia! Guapa has taken to the show work and mounted archery as though she has been doing this her whole life. Look out for her in future shows!





Soloman is a  Friesian gelding who some may say is the most handsome of all horses! Soloman is trained by Sue and has been seen in many photo-shoots. He appears handsomely as the fair maidens horse in the joust - I hope you have your cameras ready for when you meet Soloman!




Whitney the Friesian mare, is now semi retired, but she still enjoys the occasional photo-shoot to show off her beauty & helps with the training of jousters to be. Again Whitney has turned her hoof to many things; jousting, trick riding and has been part of a lovely four horse liberty act with her daughters & brother "Noble" 





Oedske was one of the founding members of the team along with Noble. She is now retired from most live shows but teaches people liberty horse skills. In her time she was one of the most magnificent Friesian mares you could meet!

From liberty to side saddle to roman riding & working with the canine team Oedske was a great all rounder. She now looks after the rest of the herd and passes on her wisdom to the younger horses.



Pocahontas - "Poco"


Poco came along with Salvador as a rescued Portuguese horse. Poco is now undergoing some training with Sophie towards confidence & general handling. She is proving to be a fast learner & even managed a small part in our 2015 Big Top Equestrian Theatre Show ‘Picture Palace’!





Salvador came along to us in 2015, rescued from Portugal by a friend of ours. Due to past circumstances it became apparent he may possibly not be able to be ridden, but this plucky little fellow lets nothing stop him and is enjoying his time with Sue learning many tricks & working at liberty.



All the horses at Les Amis are happy horses!

They spend most of their time living out on 75 acres of hill farm eating grass and home made organic haylage.

All the horses are BAREFOOT and their feet trimming is supervised by expert

Sarah Oliver

Each horse has his or her back checked regularly by our sponsor; equine chiropractor

Mary Young

Horse Care

© 2016 Team Les Amis 

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