The "Les Amis" Team specialise in highly skilled, professionally produced ARENA SHOWS to thrill and entertain audiences of all ages.

Whether yours is an Agricultural Show, Country Fair, Medieval Fayre, Historical Re-enactment event or Private party Les Amis Equine - canine Stunt team  have the horses, dogs and performers to make your event Truly Amazing!

Enjoy the show!

Welcome Ladies & Gentleman, boys & girls, to the "Knights of the North" stunt jousting show!

An action packed entertaining show where our fearless jousting Knights test their horsemanship and battle techniques in skill at arms, cabbage cutting, quintaine, foot combat and tournament jousting. Thrills, spills and daring stunts as good and bad knights battle it out, all overseen by our Lady mounted side-saddle and commentary provided by our Master of ceremonies.

Entertainment guaranteed!

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"He's Cactus Djake, he'll lay in wait, pondering his evil plan! He's an all round bad guy and he's ready to try

to steal anything he can! No one is safe from this bandit, he totes a dangerous gun,

at robbing and stealing and plain old dirty dealing the bandit Cactus Djake gets it done!" 

(Cactus Djake theme tune especially written for the show!) 

Cactus Djake & his bumbling sidekick Lucky Wrangler, cause mayhem as they hold up the circus girls' pony trap! With high kicking showgirls, dancing dogs, trick riding bandits and stunts aplenty "Cactus Djake & the Western Circus" will

thrill & entertain audiences of all ages! 

Scream if you want to go faster!

This is the real thing! Professional trick riders with more than ten years experience in the very best Cossack style trick riding!

See the guys & girls performing their daring stunts at full gallop, horseback archery, tricks executed with grace & nerves of steel as they create a wing on the side of the horse, pick up something as small as a hat by hanging down off of the horse & if that’s not enough even riding two horses at once in the French style La Poste Hongroise!  

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Age of the Jacobites!!

Based on the popular TV series "OUTLANDER" in which many of Les Amis riders have featured, this is a fast paced, action packed full arena show! Can our Highland lass escape from the hands of the evil Red Coat captain? With the help of her Highland lad and his Clan the red coats can surely be beaten, but it won't be easy ! watch the action unfold as the Highlanders storm the prison wagon!

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The TRUE Horse Lords are HERE!

From a competition between clans spring a fierce rivalry. Fast paced action, thrills & spills, feats of bravery including chariot archery against horseback archery, tribal warfare and fire stunts all go to make the Barbarian Stunt Show an amazing
 experience you won't forget!

© 2016 Team Les Amis 

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