This is Jillaroo, founder of the performing dog team! She started her career in the jousting shows riding on Bethany's lap on the side saddle. She really enjoys jumping through a hoop and standing on her back legs. But her real passion is Public Relations! After every show, and sometimes during, she loves to go and meet her fans.

Now retired from live shows due to failing eyesight Jillaroo still stays on hand to show the younger dogs how its done during training.


In 2014 Jillaroo had a litter of four puppies, one of those little bundles of fun, Puppet, is now carrying on her mothers legacy in the team.


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After a difficult start in life Moscow came to the team from a rescue centre when she was 18 months old. It took nearly two years to teach her how to learn but all the effort paid off as, once she learned how to learn, she hasn't stopped since! Now Moscow is one of the most intelligent and reliable performing dogs. With her easygoing character and extrovert personality Moscow is a big friendly wolf who is everyone's best friend. 


Moscow's sister Mishka was also originally part of the team but took early retirement due to nerves when performing, she now spends her days lounging on the sofa living with  friends of the Les Amis team!


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Bruno ran away to join the team in 2013 and was performing the very next season! He is a natural born performer and takes his job very seriously. With his steady logical attitude and boundless energy he is willing to give practically any trick a go! His previous life didn't work out and he found himself homeless due to his penchant for plucking pheasants. This turned out to be a good job as this boy is a star and works in perfect harmony with performing wolf Moscow.


Bruno's father was a professional gun dog but we know he always had a secret desire to become a circus dog! He would be proud of Bruno if he could see him now!



Puppet was born into the performing dog family, she was at her first show while in her mummy's tummy and in true Puppet style has been ahead of things ever since! The only time she sits still is on her little box and she often fires off two tricks before the one she is intending to do! She is very clever and is already working on some ground breaking tricks including a hoop of fire and a daring balancing act! Go Puppet!

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