Horses chill out

The "stunt horses in training" Merlie, Louie and Frenchie (standing) enjoy their Autum pastures. They are taking a brief break before getting back down to their training. All the horses are enjoying the last of the sunny weather and tucking into some tasty grass in the post cut haylage fields.

They really enjoy munching on all the grass the cutter left and kicking up their heels on the big green pastures. At this time of year all the gangs group together to enjoy the wide open spaces the haylage fields offer. The "Boys" and the "Heard" were first to mix, they intergrated well and Homish one of the boys (all geldings) got himself a pair of mares, Princess an Oedske. When "Plutos gang" was introduced they were all a bit more stirred up, after a good run around Homish headed back up to the top hay field with the heard and two of Plutos mares Whitney and Marilyn. Pluto lost these two adventurus mares and gained Oedske and the ever loyal Riah.

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