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We have had so many lovely volunteers & working students over the years I just wanted to share some reviews left by them. If you are interested in coming to volunteer with us please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Left by Workawayer (Antonia) 30/8/2019

I absolutely loved my experience. Besides doing the usual jobs around the house, I got to work a lot with the horses, learn new ways of comunicating with animals and participate in an unforgetable western show. Bethany even took the time to give us a riding lesson. I can't say how much I enjoyed the time I spent there, and how calming it was to be around animals (especially Billy the goat). We had a lot to do, but it all felt like it was worth it at the end of the day, when we got to spend some time together. I really felt like being part of the family.

Left by Workawayer (Marcus) 19/8/19

I had a great time with Les Amies. Some days (particulalrly show days) were very long but provided you go in expecting that it was great. In my time there there were a large variety of jobs to do varying wildly with plenty of time spent with the horses and dogs (there's also a goat Billy who is the best goat). It was a lot of fun being a part of the shows and a lot of the time quite chaotic. I made some great friends while I was there (particularly Jubel and Lyra) and I'd thoroughly recommend visiting Les Amies.

Left by Workawayer (Flavie) 7/4/19

Thank you Les Amis for giving me the chance to work with you! I wasn't there for the show season so the mains jobs were to fix things through the farm and to take care of the animals, but I had a blast working there and the opportunity to see a parade anyway and that was great! All team members are wonderfully nice and family dinners are so good! I really hope that I'll be coming back one day soon!

Left by Workawayer (Brianna) 31/7/18

I can not recommend this one enough- out of the nine WorkAways I’ve done, my time here has been the most unique and exciting of them all! I had an absolutely fantastic time staying on the farm- the entire group was so kind and welcoming, right from the first day I felt like part of the team. The work is interesting and diverse enough that I never got bored of it. I had a chance to work with dogs, horses, other tasks, and was even lucky enough to be a part of one of the jousting shows- now one of the best memories from my travels! The food is delicious, special shout-out to Phoebe and Bob for their amazing cooking! The nearby town is also very cute and has some neat places to see and explore, several of which are free to enter. All in all I am so grateful for such a wonderful experience. A huge thank you to everyone there- hope I can make it back again someday in the future!

Left by Workawayer (FORRE) 21/7/18

A M A Z I N G expérience ! again thank's for all !! It was my first workaway, and oh my god it's sooooo goood !! Wonderful persons, and unbelievable places ! I hope I will can see you soon one day ! :)

Left by Workawayer (Megan ) 23/4/18

My experience here was nothing short of magical, everyone was very welcoming and from the moment I arrived I felt like part of a team. The work was very satisfying, helping out with show preparations, working with the dogs and horses. I learned a lot and would definitely return for longer than my two weeks.

Left by Workawayer (Tricia) 19/12/17

I want to show my gratitude for the wonderful people and workings at Les Amis. It was my first workaway and somewhat last minute, but it ended up being a really great experience, truly. The family and workers at the farm were very welcoming. They host a lot of volunteers, so they have a pretty set system for work and accommodations, and there are usually other helpers from around the world to befriend. It was easy to integrate into the routine and the group after a couple days. I stayed there for almost a month in October. There is no denying that it’s farm work in rural Scotland. So it’s cold and muddy. There is always work to be done, and it requires a good attitude. It’s not glamorous, but if you love dogs, horses, and countryside, it hardly feels like work. On time off it was possible to get rides (or enjoy a good walk) into the local village, or have horse lessons, or a ride, if the timing worked. Thank you for those! I learned a lot about new horsemanship styles and can’t wait to try them again. I was there in the off season, so didn’t get to see much of performances, but I hope to visit again some summer and see a show and how much the baby has grown! Really great group of people. Thank you.

Left by Workawayer (Camille) 12/12/17

Staying here was my firts workaway experience and it's difficult to describe how I enjoyed it. I have stayed for four weeks and they have spent so quickly ! The lifestyle (so different of what I usually experiment) of this small and particular community has immediately pleased me. Being outside most of the time and work with the dogs and horses was an amazing experience. I've especially enjoyed the sessions in liberty with the horses gave by Bethany. Even if I had sometime some troubles to understand all the informations in english I am really happy to have experimented this way of working with the horses. The days in the farm are full and there is always something to do but they are all ending with a good warm dinner with all the team and it's always a nice moment. I was really happy to live with this team and help them in their daily living. I thank them for welcoming me and made live this unique experience !

Left by Workawayer (Tabea)12/9/17

Wow! What an unique experience! I stayed at Jacob and Bethany's place for 2 weeks and am so geareful for this time I could live and work with this amazing troupe. It's a lifestyle I never experienced before. Living in a caravan and a lorry when going to shows, being always outside and work with the dogs and horses. The days are long and the Scottish weather unpredictable. But it's such a rewarding experience! Everyone of the team works hard and I'm so impressed by how they do everything by themselves. They make you feel as a part of the team and your work is valued. And of course the best part is when you can accompanyt them to a show and experience that glamourous atmosphere. Thanks a lot for everything!

Left by Workawayer (Rowena) 11/9/17

This was a real working farm experience: everyone knew their jobs and I was thrown right into the mix with little explicit instruction. I don't stress unless the situation is dire, so working things out as I went along was fine with me. Most of my work was in the kennels, but it varied day to day and the team was happy to cater to my strengths when opportunities arose. They offer 1 and a half days off per week and ask for a few more working hours, but the trade-off is becoming an equal and respected part of a team, everyone doing what needs to be done and, for the most part, loving it. Fond memories include: Mornings spent in the barn preparing stalls and bringing in horses while the mists rolled away across the lowlands as if the forests were waking up and pushing back their blankets. Evenings spent braving the gusty winds while horses and people who could all be described as extraordinary practiced bringing history to life. Nights spent watching mediocre movies and sharing huge communal dinners, all vegetarian and all incredibly satisfying after a day spent outside. Sleeping in my cosy little caravan while rain hammered impossibly loudly on the roof, and getting up at midnight and seeing the most beautiful constellations, the sky blue rather than black and the stars shining white. I had a wonderful week on the farm and hope to return someday. For more photos and information, check out my blog entry:

Left by Workawayer (Anika)6/9/17

I've stayed for two weeks and had a great time there. It's a busy place with a lot of work but also a great team who work hard for their dream. I worked in the bording Kennels, helped to care for the horses and was even able to help with one of the Shows. Thank you for the great time.

Left by Workawayer (Svenja ) 22/4/17

Words can hardly describe how much I enjoyed the last couple of weeks with this lovely group. this not only a very good and well known stunt team but also a collage of amazing yet unique personalities. The work is very multifaceted, reaching from dog and horse care, over occasional baby sitting to fencing and preparing the guest house. It was very intriguing to witness the daily work of such a business, and absolutely stunning to watch a show unfold, including the making of costumes and the gentle care the horses and dogs are trained with. Even though they work hard every day to fulfill their dream, they still found the time to involve me, teach me new things and were endeavored to make my experience there as valuable as possible. From the first day on I felt completely comfortable since we were not treated like "just another helper" but actually appreciated for our work. Further the integration into daily life and work was outstanding, everything well explained and organized working rotas. And I didn't even mention the great food yet. Thank you so much for everything! I would love come back one day, even if it is just to finally see one of your shows. Good luck with the arena and greetings to everyone, your are the best!

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