Ups & downs of 2019

Plus the trials & tribulations of Spring 2020!

So 2019 was really an action packed year! Our contract with Historic Environment Scotland was renewed, Fritz & Champion our Nonius driving brothers became fantastic jousting horses, we had multiple successful double bookings, the Bow-Wow Circus proving popular & chances for our newer riders such as Mitch & Rich became fast paced jousters!

But as life goes 2019 also had a huge down point, losing one of our lovely Friesian geldings, Soloman, he was a sweet gentle character, trusty side saddle companion for Sue as well as a fiery jousting steed for Cody, he is sorely missed.

Keeping positive in July Riah gave birth to her wonderful foal Wilde Conquistador (Conker for short) & later in the year Cody's new Arabian horse Asil made his first outing as a brave sharp shooting horse in our family fun Buffalo Bill's Western Circus, held at the beautiful Woodside Garden Centre, where youngster Flynn also made an appearance. Hitting the Fringe festival was yet another biggie of 2019.

The team also had filming & photoshoots aplenty, Jake teaching lead actor of Outlander to Knife Throw, Bethany's talented Sylvania stunt doubled for Rolo, plenty of horse work on top of that. We also provided the dogs & horses for fashion company Mango's new advert. You will have to wait & see for the other productions we have been working, trust me we are really looking forward to see the final edits! Now 2020 so far..... well as I am sure you can imagine 2020 started with bookings flooding in, getting ahead with plannings for double bookings, then splat, everything cancelled, what a shock that was (as I am sure it has been for people around the world!) but the worst was yet to come for us, at the beginning of April we lost Princesse to a sudden colic. As any horse owner knows this is a thing of nightmares. Sue, Jake & Bethany have had Princesse since she was a foal, as I am sure a lot of our fans will know Princesse was one of our top jousting horses & has performed a variety of talents in shows as my main horse since 2012, her loss has been felt throughout the entire team. So lets find some good in 2020 so far, more time!!! Costumes are being revamped, horses & riders are learning new skills and today the first mound of soil was moved to create a flat outdoor training area (living on a hill farm is often a trial!) Finding the best in a bad situation will always help you move forward in a positive way. In the words of Willie Nelson 'When I started counting me blessings, my whole life turned around' I do hope that our fans are keeping well in this difficult time & are enjoying our mini film series Medieval Coronavirus- A Tournament Behind Closed Doors.

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