Arena Shows


A full jousting tournament with four competing knights, mounted squire and Lady. Our brave knights compete at a variety of skill at arms, cabbage cutting & quintaine in the lead up to the joust.


A fast paced arena show including our brave Cossacks trick riding and stunt riding! Excitement for all the family including horseback archery,


Our hero Cactus Djake rides again in this fun packed family stunt show including wagon and western shoot out.



WWI Tribute

Set to music & poetry from the WWI Les Amis re-enact the courageous contribution animals made to the first world war.

Private Events

From private parties to family functions Les Amis Stunt team have an entertainment show for you! Performing horses, cabaret acts, Bow Wow circus, performing goat . . . 


Les Amis can provide shows on a theme of your choice. Popular large shows are ; Jacobite, based on the Outlander series, Horse Lords based on Game of Thrones and Border Reiver from the Scottish borders. Cabaret, Circus, and magical unicorns are also available!



Working students

Les Amis Stunt Team offer working student placements from one week to five months in the summer season. Email for more details


Choose from our lessons & experience days in anything from Horseback archery to jousting! Build your memories HERE!


Corporate days tailored to your teams needs, group activities to photoshoot sessions, build your memories, build your team!

Lanton Hill Farm



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